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Google adsThe most used and most popular digital marketing platform today is the Google Ads marketing platform. Small and big companies or any type of businessmen are now buying Google as their first choice for digital marketing. Because Google has occupied 90% of the Internet. This tech giant company has brought many tools for traders.

The Google Ad Marketing Platform has everything a business or company needs. In this platform you can enjoy various free services along with advertisement or campaign campaign in exchange of money. For example, keyword research, keyword planning etc. for your business. Google Ads is an online advertising platform of the world’s largest tech giant company Google.

Anyone in the world can use this platform for digital marketing of their business or any company. Merchants can bid through it to display their short advertisements, offers, product or service listings or videos to online users for business promotion. So Google Ad is a service of Google, through which digital marketing is done to online users.

Currently its competitor is Facebook, but till now Google Ads is at the top.

What kind of marketing can be done with the Google Ads platform

The most popular and widely used marketing platform in digital marketing is Google Ads marketing service. Millions of people around the world are using this platform to do digital marketing for their business. Almost all companies big and small now put Google Ads at the forefront of digital marketing.

The major advantage of this platform is that you will get the benefit of marketing for any type of business. E-commerce, sales, leads, website visitors, product and brand, app marketing and local business etc. can create advertisements or campaigns for all types of marketing through Google Ads.

How much does it cost to advertise in Google Ads?

How much money you spend on marketing through Google is your personal decision. You can start marketing with $5 dollars and spend billions of dollars. Advertising cost through Google Ads is generally determined by CPC, CPM or CPS. No matter how you set the cost, you’re in control. If you decide on CPC i.e. cost per click on the ad then Google will deduct the money accordingly and show the ad.

Here you can spend 100 dollars on advertising and you can also spend 1 million dollars on advertising, it is your personal matter. But spend advertising according to the scope of your business. As every company does. There are many companies that make billions of dollars in advertising every month.

Again there are some small business companies who advertise from thousands to million of dollar every month. Advertising should be spent in such a way that balances business costs, success and profitability.

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The first thing you need to find in an Digital Marketing agency before hiring them is to see the transparency of their services. Are they providing reliable proof of providing result-driven services? You need to understand while talking with them how confident are they while giving promises of serving the revenue growth.

Whether you are a small startup business owner or a large multinational company, you must choose an honest and transparent Digital partner. The reason is that you will get enough info regarding the result you are going to get if you select them including their efforts behind the result.

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From the questionnaire, we will have all the necessary information about your advertisement preference. While forming the strategy, we will specify our advertising approach. Once it is ready, we will send the strategy to you for approval. If our approach seems useful, then you can approve the strategy. If you dis-approve our strategy, then we will recreate everything with your specific requirements.

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