Rafiqul Islam Raf

a legend of photography!

How I Started
I wanted to go abroad after finishing my EEE course from Ahsanullah University. However, my family wasn’t favouring this idea, and I wasn’t very keen to pursue the career of an Engineer either. My camera offered me a refuge from the monotony I was going through at that time. After completing my introductory Photography course from Chanchal Mahmood Photography Academy, I got into Pathshala. The institute helped me hone my skill in photography and enriched me with the nuances of journalism; however, my teachers were not encouraging much because my focus was more on commercial and fashion photography. I am grateful to one of my teachers, Abir Abdullah, who is currently the Photo Editor of Prothom Alo since he inspired me to carry on with what I meant to do in the realm of photography. Eventually, I created a studio and started working with models, who became my brand ambassadors. I can recall about the D-juice shoot: one of the commercial shoots that gave me the much-needed breakthrough and made me become a household name.

Fashion Photography-Now & Then

When we started, the transition from film to digital was just beginning, and it was massive. We adapted very quickly and learned how to have a good grasp of the techniques and started developing our signature. This is something I miss in the fashion photographers of today. Instead of having abundant technology at the reach of their hand, upcoming photographers are stuck in limbo. I firmly believe if they do more experimentation, they will be able to show the spark that will bring new things in the industry and eventually will help them develop their signature style.

My Idols
Even though I am known as a fashion photographer, clicking portraits have always been very close to my heart. Photographers like David Lazar, Jimmy Nelson, and Steve McCurry have always inspired me immensely. In the case of fashion photography, Rafique Sayed from India has a special place in my heart. Daniel Jackson’s photographs too have enchanted me time and again.

Favourite Camera
From a technology point of view, the latest mirrorless camera encourages me to take more black and white photos. I will always go with a Fujifilm XT2 body when I feel like taking an artistic image.

Last but not least
Doing something new fascinates me. However, I often see my works being copied, which was frustrating in the beginning but gradually, I realised that those incidents were encouraging me to push my boundaries further and do more new projects. I am happy to boast about being a pioneer in making fashion videos. Currently, I am working with models to develop their video portfolios; which I believe would help them gain a new footing in the visual industry.


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